Koheen RMS

Custom IT solution for monitoring health status of mission critical equipment in real time 24/7

Mission critical equipment requires real time monitoring 24/7 because when they stop working, it results in service disruption and loss in business.

Koheen RMS provide easy, safe and insightful information to the business.

With mass varieties of equipment from all different vendors and lack of standard protocol, there is scope for custom solution


Remote Monitoring System (RMS) for Nepal Telecom.

This app will be used on daily basis by the engineers, support personnel and managers of the Nepal Telecom Power Department across Nepal.

This app displays the real-time status of electronic equipment installed at various sites. The status of Mains Supply, Load, Generators, Battery voltage, Room temperature, and humidity are the key indicators. This app provides a visual way and search facility to quickly find out the status of the system. It also provides real-time push notifications to the users in case of critical conditions like when the battery voltage is dropping, Mains Supply is off etc.

We believe this app is helping the telecom engineers to properly monitor the system and take actions when needed.