Koheen e-Attendance is feature-rich yet simple to use

Color and B&W devices

It works with biometric devices of both types - color and black-and-white. It also supports device with Face Recognition feature.

Holiday setup

Define holidays in Nepali date and also specify gender for which it is applicable. Remember Teej holiday?

Nepali date & calendar

It works directly with Nepali date (Bikram Sambat). Forget about date conversion.

Device configuration from software

It acts as remote-control to the device and lets you perform several tasks such as updating employee name at a blink.

Automatic import/scheduled import

Fetching attendance data from device on daily basis can be time-consuming. Just specify time when to fetch automatically so your reports are always ready.

Centralized RDMS database

You have several departments whose attendance data need to be accessed from central department? It's in the DNA of our software.

Regular data backup

Data is the new asset of every organization. We automatically take data backup when you exit from the software. The backup file is password-protected so others can not open it.

Shift Management

There could be a department working on different days and hours. There could be just one employee working on different days and hours. We give you a fine control over who should work when.

Department-wise reports

Group employees into departments that reflects your organization structure. Then printing department-wise report is just so easy.

Copy fingerprints

Just purchased new device and worried that you need to take fingerprint of each staff again? No need to do that. Just use this feature to selectively copy the fingerprint from one device to other without even touching them. This can also be handy when a employee moves to other department.

Role based access management

Define which menu a role can open and what action (Add/Edit/Delete) it can perform. It ensures that each software user get access to only what he is expected.

User & password management

Each user requires username and password to login into the software. The user can be assigned to mutliple departments. In case they forget the password, administrator can easily reset it.

Leave Management

Leave Management features such as leave taken entries, leave earning, leave encashment are all included in the product. Leave can be full/half day or even in hours. You can create not only Home/Sick leave but any custom leave.

Flexible Overtime policy

Every companies have their own set of rules including overtime policy. Koheen e-Attendance support overtime approval, minimum/maximum overtime hours and even reject overtime if the employee comes late.

Kaaj/Field visit Management

Mobilizing staffs across the different office sites should not be a headache. With Koheen e-Attendance, you can transfer the employee's fingerprint before he/she reaches the site and manage all field visits with special entries.

Employee Transfer

With Koheen e-Attendance, you can easily manage any number of employees transfer within different branches.

Manual Attendance

There is always exception to every rule. Just in case, the employee is unable to check-in or check-out in the biometric device, the administrator can enter the actual time in the system only after permission from supervisor. The remarks field allows to enter the reason.

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