Koheen with its cutting edge technologies finds the best business solution for your company. From the Windows to Web application, with integration of Powerful Oracle database and .NET framework, it is always ensured that you make most of available options.The rational behind the establishment of the company is to provide fast response, informed expertise, and consistently high quality IT solutions to its valued customer. .

We provide end-to-end IT outsourcing solutions to customers worldwide. Our outsourcing services include:

We quickly accumulated the expertise to become a total IT solutions provider for our clients, focusing on application development, Web development, and Web site design.

Koheen Technology, as its name suggests, is established to play role of "mediator" to deliver high tech IT services. It collaborates with many organizations to give you the best value of your money. Taking care of all the aspect of IT Solutions, it gives a great benefit to our clients in implementation of business solutions with its optimum utilization.

Koheen Technology is an IT service and consulting company that delivers a unique blend of real-business experience with a strong engineering, international project delivery and value chain optimization expertise. At the present time, the company is working in a wide range of IT related activities including software development, consultancy, system integration etc. Besides, the company has also initiated its services in Business Process Management in which offerings are based on process-centric enterprise integration solutions that address the key issue of integrating all processes and systems and allow a business to respond efficiently.